Stopped by police? Now there’s an app for that

Kii Mobile delivers another killer app

There are countless stories of police misusing their power, harassment, wrongful arrests, beatings, and even shootings. Citizens can ensure that their rights are not violated if ever stopped by police. There is now an app to capture the evidence securely. 

If a person is being stopped by police just push the record button. Police may attempt to confiscate the phone, erase the file, or destroy the phone. With one touch your phone locks and begins recording sound. Your phone looks like it is turned off but is actually recording everything that is going on. Only you can stop recording sound by entering your PIN. Here’s the best part – the entire recording is uploaded to a cloud server and can be presented as evidence in Court.

Android app on Google Play

Kii Mobile designed and delivered this mobile app for a prominent criminal law firm in Toronto.